Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale – Lasercare Inc

Parts Pricing/Quotation/ Part Availability

All prices are valid for 30 days from the date of quotation or as indicated.  Please include the LCPQ number on your purchase order.

The availability of parts/consumables is stated on the quotation (LCPQ) from Lasercare.  This is confirmed to the Customer when the order is placed, a sales confirmation will be forwarded accordingly, with any exceptions.

Customer part core returns/credits will be specified at point of quotation.

All parts are subject to prior sale.

Customer ownership of parts and consumables is transferred when Lasercare receives payment in full, including all applicable delivery/shipping charges. 

Customer part orders will be fulfilled by the estimated delivery date stated unless there is an Event outside Our Control (i.e. shipping agent delays/weather related delays). If we are unable to meet the estimated delivery date due to these exceptions, Lasercare cannot be made responsible once the goods have left our/our suppliers facility.

No Restocking Fee (management discretion, Customers may be charged a nominal restocking fee up to 20% depending on reason for return).

All part return authorizations have to be confirmed in writing, unless a Lasercare Engineer has confirmed the return while during a Customer onsite visit.

A Return Authorization (LCRT) number will be issued on authorization of the return and authorized returns should be shipped, freight/shipping insurance paid, by the Customer unless otherwise specified, i.e. faulty parts/warranty parts.  The LCRT paperwork will be emailed directly to the main Customer contact with shipping/insurance details.

When a Customer purchase order has been issued to Lasercare, Lasercare is responsible for obtaining and issuing the Return Authorization, Customers are not required to contact our Suppliers direct.

Unused parts must be returned in saleable condition to qualify for a full credit. Saleable condition is defined as those unused items in original sealed packaging and in unbroken quantities and in as-new condition. All returns are subject inspection/testing and acceptance prior to issuing part/core credits.

Unused parts/core parts must be returned by the date specified on the LCRT Documentation.  No returns accepted more than 30 days after the date specified on the LCRT documentation. 

All credits, including core credit decisions are subject to inspection by Lasercare or their suppliers.

Proof of purchase is required for all returned materials and request for credits. Special order products and discontinued items are not eligible for any credit.

All claims for shortages or damages should be made within 30 days of the date of invoice.

All Returns are accepted subject to management discretion.

Warranty Parts/Faulty Parts/Insurance for Service Engineer Equipment/Return Parts

Lasercare. Will, at its sole option and discretion; if such part contains a defect in material or workmanship, refund the purchase price within 14 days from receipt of assessed returned part, unless repair or replacement part is requested, as long as the faulty part is reported as such, and returned within 30 days from notification to Lasercare.

All warranty parts are shipped next day air regular delivery, unless specified otherwise. Customer is responsible for all costs for an expedited delivery, if requested.

The terms of this warranty do not apply to any goods which are identified and sold by Lasercare as consumables.

Lasercare Service Engineer/Employee equipment and high value parts will be shipped to Customers facility insured, these costs are the responsibility of the Customer and at the Customers request, Customer shipping account will be used accordingly.

Lasercare cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged parts/consumables if the customer does not specify they want their parts shipped insured.

The Customer is responsible for filing all claims for damages with the insuring company if they choose to ship parts/consumables using their specified shipping account.  Customers Purchase Orders must state ship insured on their preferred shipping account, if insurance is to be applied to any specific order.

Costs to return Service Engineer/Employee Tools/Equipment/Parts as standard procedure for Technical Support and Customer on-site visits/assignments, is the responsibility of the Customer.

Parts are shipped “FOB: Lasercare’s facility” unless alternative supplier is stated on the quotation or sales confirmation. 





Standard Payment Terms / Pre-Payment Terms

Lasercare standard payment terms are Net 30 days for Customers who have completed and signed Lasercare’s account application, and authorization for those terms has been confirmed by Lasercare.  All invoices are due 30 days from the date of invoice for parts/consumables or completion of on-site visit/assignment.  Interest at 1.5% will be added for every 30 days of non-payment until funds have been received in full.

Lasercare pre-payment terms, Lasercare will provide a pro-forma invoice, with a stated amount, for pre-payment, prior to providing parts/consumables or on-site visit/assignment where necessary. Pre-payments will be applied to the items stated on Customer PO.  Once funds are depleted, further pre-payment will be required at management discretion.

Credit Notes

Credit notes are issued against return parts/faulty parts/core parts* (*if appropriate as stated at point of quotation) on receipt of such parts, and credit notes can be applied to any Customer outstanding invoice.

Cancelled Orders

In the event an order is cancelled by the Customer prior to shipment from Lasercare or Lasercare suppliers, the Customer may be charged any labor/administrative fees involved.   Parts shipping directly from Suppliers are subject to Supplier Standard Terms and Conditions and may differ from Lasercare’s terms and conditions.

On-site Visits/Assignments/Warranty Work/Remote and Telephone Technical Support/Travel

Determined in cases where Lasercare Service Engineer/Employee needs to continue the onsite visit/assignment into the weekend, as agreed/authorized by the Customer, the Customer will be notified that all weekend labor hours are chargeable at time and one-half and all weekend travel related expenses will be charged at cost i.e. Hotel/Car Rental/Perdiem/Mileage for the duration of the on-site visit/assignment.

Determined in cases where Lasercare Service Engineer/Employee needs to continue the onsite visit/assignment into the following week or when scheduled, as agreed/authorized by the Customer, the Customer will be notified that all return travel related expenses for the Lasercare Service/Engineer to return home/return to Customer facility, will be charged to the Customer at cost i.e. Hotel/Car Rental/Perdiem/Mileage, for the duration of the onsite visit/assignment.

Lasercare Service Engineer/Employee cannot be held responsible for any travel related delays due to inclement weather, flight availability, flight schedules or travel delays beyond our control.

Lasercare will warranty all work carried out during onsite visits/assignments by Lasercare Service Engineers/Employees only, up to 30 days from completion.

Lasercare will provide remote technical support and assistance free of charge up to 30 days after completion of any onsite visit/assignment, prior to Customers taking out a preventative maintenance agreement.  

Remote Technical support and assistance for service related issues after 30 days, is chargeable at current Labor rates, unless the Customer has a valid preventative maintenance agreement and therefore remote technical support for service related issues is provided free of charge for the duration of the agreement.

Parts supplied during any on-site visit/assignments are subject to their own specific supplier warranty details where applicable, as stated previously. 

Lasercare will not warranty and cannot be held responsible for any prior service related issues not carried out by or provided by Lasercare. 

Lasercare cannot be held responsible for any service related actions or service related work carried out by a Customer Employee or third party service provider.

Lasercare cannot be held responsible for any damage to Customers machine/s or facility caused directly by the Customer or a third party, i.e. Rigging/Transport/HVAC/Gas Supplier/Supplier. 

Any damage to a Customer machine/s caused during loading by Rigging/Transportation is the sole responsibility of the Customer and their contracted Rigging/Transport Supplier.  

All Customers are advised to inspect the complete machine on arrival, prior to signing the bill of lading or paying for Rigging and Transportation.  Customer should provide details of any damage caused by Rigging/Transport provider, prior to Lasercare arriving on-site to commission the machine/s. 

Lasercare Service Engineers/Employees are not responsible for cleaning/removing hazardous waste/waste material from Customer machine/s prior to decommission/loading via Rigger/Transport supplier.

Lasercare Service Engineers/Employees are not responsible for any damage to a Customers machine post decommission/post installation, once the onsite visit/assignment is complete. 

  • Note to all Customers – By Issuing a pre-payment or purchase order to Lasercare, this confirms your company’s acceptance of all Lasercare terms and conditions, as stated.