5 Ways To Keep Your Laser Machine Operating at 100%

The older equipment gets, the more it starts to slow down, and inevitably, more things start to go wrong. Here are 5 ways to help keep your machine operating at 100%. 


Turn It On

Laser machines do not like to be left turned off/idle for extended periods of time. If there are going to be situations where the machine is not running production for more than a couple of days, it is a good idea to turn the machine on and exercise the laser.



Just like humans, machine’s start to struggle the hotter it gets. Fiber machines are especially sensitive to higher humidity and temperatures. Keeping your machine cool will not only help extend the life of the machine, but also improve beam quality. 


Quality Parts

Its no secret that there are some aftermarket parts that do not let your machine operate at 100% capacity. By using quality, tested, and trusted OEM and aftermarket parts, you can make sure your machine isn’t being limited in its capabilities. 



A clean machine is a happy machine. By regularly cleaning your machine, you can stop build up of dirt and dust, that can, and will cause havoc with mechanical and electrical components. 


Preventative Maintenance

Last but certainly not least, Preventative Maintenance is probably the most important part of keeping your machine running at 100%. By neglecting maintenance, you risk not catching a problem that may turn in to more of a serious, and more costly repair, down the road.


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